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AquaShield pool enclosure designed as wheel chair accessible
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Technical Info
Innovative Telescopic Design:

Aqua Shield™ has all the advantages of the traditional enclosures, but incorporates a telescopic design that allows one piece seamless arches to slide under each other effortlessly, while maintaining a watertight seal and minimizing loss of heat generated by sun or water heater.


Residential Low-Shield Model: Widths available from 10 feet to 32 feet wide; length available from 14 feet to 100 feet. Ideal for both in-ground and aboveground pools and spas.
Residential High-Shield Model: Widths available from 10 feet to 26 feet wide; length available from 14 feet to 100 feet. Ideal for in-ground or aboveground pool, spa or greenhouse use.
Residential Ellipse-Shield Model: Widths available from 14 feet to 30 feet wide; length available from 14 feet to 100 feet. Also ideal for in-ground or aboveground pools and spas.
Commerical Model: widths up to 50', length up to 125'.


Frame Section: US grade 6061-T6 reinforced extruded aluminum alloy one piece seamless arches, precision engineered to slide on wheels with self-lubricating stainless steel ball bearing for smooth traction. The enclosure is held simultaneously to the track by our "Safe Grip Track System", allowing for easy operation and added security during high wind and heavy snow load condition. Each frame section 6'-10" long.

Vinyl Sweep: Each section includes a 2-inch Vinyl sweep that seals out drafts, and protects the interior of enclosure from dust, rain, insects etc.

Glazing: 8mm, twin-walled polycarbonate thermal glazing, that
1) protects the exterior surfaces from damaging ultraviolet rays;
2) captures infrared light to create solar energy, thus increasing your pool's temperature by up to 20°;
3) is specially treated for antifogging to prevent condensation build-up and improve light transmission.
Track: Reinforced, clear anodized aluminum tracks designed for smooth traction. You can open or close the enclosure in less than a minute. Our tracks provide security from high wind and snow load conditions, while remaining foot friendly.

End panels: Enclosure includes two end panels. One end panel comes with a 36 inch patio sliding door. Additional single or double sliding doors available.

Hardware & Fasteners: Aqua Shield™ use only stainless steel and aluminum hardware and fasteners throughout the entire enclosure.

At AquaShield™ we take pride in our products and services.

That is why our specially trained personnel carefully pack each AquaShield™ onto the truck ourselves, ensuring that it will arrive at your home or site in the same perfect condition that it left our factory in.

In addition all shipments are fully insured.


Aqua Shield™ Telescopic Enclosure arrives fully assembled and is easy to install!
It is recommended that the Aqua Shield™ Enclosure be installed on a flat surface of 3.5" thick reinforced concrete.


Aqua Shield™ aluminum structure is guaranteed for 10 years. Polycarbonate glazing is guaranteed by the manufacturer for 10 years.

All prices are FOB, West Babylon, New York. Prices are subject to change without notice. A 40% deposit is required to process your order and to receive priority for shipment date. Deposit may be made either by personal check, certified check, or wire transfer. Balance is due prior to shipment either by personal check, certified check, or wire transfer. All prices exclude local, state, or federal taxes. For installation in NYC add 15%. NY state residents add 8.5% sales tax. Aqua Shield™, Inc. Telescopic Enclosure is a temporary/removable structure; most states and townships may not require permits. Please check with your local township for any ordinances and permits you may require.
Aqua Shield™ telescopic enclosures are designed based on the 2000 International Building Code and its Supplements as adapted by the 2003 New York State Building Code, the 2000 Specification for Aluminum Structures by the Aluminum Association, and other building codes and standards referenced therein. Aqua Shield™ can design structures customized to meet local codes and standards upon request.

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